From Connectivity to Performance to Availability


The evolution of competitive networking.

Like many other organizations these days, yours has re-engineered to stay focused and competitive, reorganizing and implementing whole new processes that are critically dependent on networked applications.   

But if your network isn’t designed properly, if it’s not meeting the needs of new users and applications, then your entire organization is in jeopardy.

The major gains and benefits expected from all of those massive changes in your business will not be realized!

From connectivity to performance to availability:

The evolution of competitive networking

 First comes simple connectivity for your users and their applications. Next, you’ll need to focus on improving network performance, as more users and applications become network-dependent. Only when your network’s performance becomes stabilized and acceptable will your users expect it to support all aspects of the business. That’s when you’ll need network availability that matches your organization’s burgeoning requirements.


Instant Response is the right choice as your “network advisor” to provide the services you need to meet the demands of your business, whether it’s local, national or global.

What’s more, we’re prepared for your growth and how it’ll impact your network infrastructure requirements.


Instant Response offers expert consulting on planning, designing, implementing and managing high-performance client/server architectures. This is based on our experienced consultants and engineers, our significant investment to train and develop these professionals, and our continual focus on documented best practices.

We can deliver on the performance requirements that today’s bandwidth intensive applications require, helping you create the robust, well-supported environment that will save your company time and money.


Instant Response offers a full suite of best-in-class services to support your network availability needs. We can help you understand and articulate your business requirements and help design and manage the solutions most appropriate for your organization.

With the help of Instant Response, you’ll be able to deliver the highly available network your organization will require to stay innovative and competitive for years to come.

The keys to competitive advantage

So, your network is no longer just an asset-it’s a necessity. It has become a lifeline that pumps essential information through your organization. To do this demanding new job, your network must meet a dynamic spectrum of requirements:

  • Complete connectivity. Everyone -users, partners, customers- needs access to intranet and Internet resources, from almost anywhere in the world,

  • Higher performance. End-users won’t wait, even when they run process intensive multiple media applications,

  • More bandwidth. Organizations are flatter and work more cross-functionally, so access to business-critical applications is essential, even at high-traffic times,

  • High availability. Downtime costs the business; however, you measure it plummeting productivity, forfeited revenue, angry customers, lost


  • Better security. As the reach of information networks widens and computer literacy rises, so do security threats; vulnerability can be catastrophic.

Are you ready for your future?

You need an effective network infrastructure that mirrors the dynamics of your organization and has been tailored to meet both current and future business requirements. And you may need help in building the network your organization needs.

Without the right expertise, creating a network infrastructure that delivers competitive advantage can be very tough. You need outside help if:

  • Your staff is struggling to resolve your organization’s network “pain,”

  • You’ve inherited a network dinosaur you didn’t select, design or manage in the past-yet are now accountable for making sure that it is fast, reliable and efficient,

  • Budget constraints keep the staff expertise and tools you need beyond your reach,

  • Your organization is about to undergo major change, and you need to fully understand your current situation in order to plan for the future.